SCCOOS is Hiring! Looking for a Data Scientist to join our DMAC team

SCCOOS is hiring!

We are looking for a research specialist to join the Data Management team.

Full posting at:

APPLY BY JULY 20, 2022


The Researcher applies computational, computer science, data science, and CI software research and development principles, with relevant domain science knowledge in Marine Sciences to lead and develop products for stakeholder and industry clients in ocean observing, along with professional programming concepts for medium-sized projects or portions of larger projects. Develops and optimizes a variety of computational, data science, and CI research tools and components in collaboration with the SCCOOS Data Management and Cyber-infrastructure team. Performs research on current and future HPC, data, and CI technologies, hardware and software projects in collaboration with the SCCOOS Data Management team and seeks data science solutions to end-user requests for specific operational or decision-making tools. Works on algorithm development, optimization, programming, performance analysis and / or benchmarking assignments of moderate scope where the tasks involve knowledge of Marine Science, Oceanography, and Environmental Science.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marine/Environmental Sciences with computer / computational / data specialization or equivalent combination of education and experience. Five years of demonstrated experience developing user interfaces for clients in the blue economy, ocean conservation, or ocean policy domains.
  • Intermediate knowledge of HPC / data science / CI.
  • Advanced skills, and demonstrated experience associated with one or more of the following: HPC hardware and software power and performance analysis and research, design, modification, Implementation and deployment of HPC or data science or CI applications and tools.
  • Demonstrated ability to regularly interface with management. The ability and willingness to work across agencies and organizations to accomplish tasks, respond to agency needs, and meet user requirements.
  • Proven skills and experience in independently resolving broad computing / data / CI problems using introductory and / or intermediate principles. Works independently and as part of a team. Demonstrated problem-solving skills. Ability to learn effectively and meet deadlines. Ability to work within the national IOOS program system schedules and timelines. Ability to coordinate within the multiple IOOS regions for problem-solving on the local, regional and national scale. Required
  • Advanced skills associated with programming design, modification and implementation. Basic knowledge of secure software development. Demonstrated ability to create software specifications. Specific working knowledge of R Studio Suite, PYTHON, MATLAB, and LINUX.
  • Familiarity with logical data design and data mapping or data conversion. Ability to convert SCCOOS datasets from their native format to netCDF/THREDDS and or MYSQL.
  • Familiar with programming languages, platforms, and applications such as Shell, Java, XML, KML, EML, and Google Earth Engine.
  • Demonstrated effective communication and interpersonal skills. Demonstrated ability to communicate technical information to technical and non-technical personnel at various levels in the organization and to external research and education audiences. Ability to design and conduct user interface tutorials for stakeholders/end-users. Ability to communicate through oral and written presentations the SCCOOS data management system and its various components at local, regional and national meetings.
  • Self-motivated and works independently and as part of a team. Able to learn effectively and meet deadlines.
  • Thorough experience working in a complex computing / data / CI environment encompassing all or some of the following: HPC, data science infrastructure and tools / software, and diverse domain science application base.
  • Proven ability to successfully work on multiple concurrent projects.
  • Proven ability to understand research computing / data / CI needs, mapping use cases to requirements and how systems / software / infrastructure can support those needs and meet the requirements. Demonstrated ability to develop and implement such solutions.
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to collaborate effectively with all levels of staff; technical, students, faculty and administrators