Automated In-situ Microscopic Imaging


The network is comprised of McLane Imaging FlowCytobots, which takes photos of particles in the water.
This project is overseen by the Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Another Project to Safeguard California’s Water Funded by voter-approved Proposition 1 through the California Natural Resources Agency.


A statewide network of 10 Imaging FlowCytobots identifies harmful algal blooms in real-time and allows communities to rapidly respond and protect public health. IFCBs are deployed at:

  • Trinidad Pier
  • Bodega Pier
  • San Francisco Bay
  • Santa Cruz Wharf
  • Monterey Bay (M1 Mooring)
  • Stearns Wharf
  • Newport Beach Pier
  • Del Mar
  • Scripps Pier

Data Access

IFCB dashboard


Principal Investigators

Clarissa Anderson
Eric Bjorkstedt
Joe Tyburczy
John Largier
Raphe Kudela
Henry Ruhl
Francisco Chavez
Bob Miller
Dave Siegel
Mark Brzezinski
Dave Caron
Jayme Smith
Uwe Send
Andrew Barton
Melissa Carter