Journal Articles

Icon Development, implementation, and validation of a California coastal ocean modeling, data assimilation, and forecasting system (2.5 MB)  , Chao, Y., Deep-Sea Research Part II (2017),

Icon McGowan_et_al-2017-Ecology.pdf (668.3 KB) , Predicting coastal algal blooms in southern California, McGowan, J. A., Deyle, E. R., Ye, H., Carter, M. L., Perretti, C. T., Seger, K. D., de Verneil, A. and Sugihara, G. (2017) , doi: 10.1002/ecy.1804

Icon Initial skill assessment of the California Harmful Algae Risk Mapping (C-HARM) system (5.4 MB) , C.R. Anderson et al. / Harmful Algae 59 (2016) 1-18

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