2017 JSAC

 2017 JSAC 
Ocotber 4, 2017
Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) - Pt. Mugu, CA
Meeting Goals
1. California Ocean Observing Updates
2. State of the California Coast - brief updates from attendees
3. State of the California Ocean Observing Systems: Focusing on HF Radar, Water Quality, Ocean Acidification/Hypoxia/Climate
Action Items 
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Participant List
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Photo Gallery
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Icon Agenda2017JSACfinal.pdf (379.0 KB)
NAVAIR Facilites History and Details
Robi Garcia - NAVAIR
California Ocean Observing System Updates
Francisco Chavez - CeNCOOS
Clarissa Anderson - SCCOOS
Icon CRA.JSAC.Program.pdf (44.2 MB)
State of the California Coast
Francisco Chavez - MBON update
Clarissa Anderson - Algal Blooms
Icon JSAC2017_Anderson_HABs.pdf (64.1 MB)
George Robertson - Water Quality Data Ingestion Needs and Vision
Icon OCSDJSAC Presentation.pdf (901.6 KB)
Chad Whelan - High Frequency Radar
Icon Whelan_JSAC_2017-10.pdf (5.4 MB)
Sara Briley - Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia 
Icon Briley_JSAC_10-4-2017.pdf (1.7 MB)


Directions - PDF

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