Joint Strategic Advisory Committee - JSAC

The JSAC, comprised of statewide members from both SCCOOS and the CeNCOOS. In person meetings are held in conjunction to regular phone calls to ensure that the California Ocean Observing Systems stay current with needs in their region.
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Board of Governors - BOG

The BOG is comprised of Senior Representatives (signatories on the SCCOOS Memorandum of Understanding). In addition, BOG approves new members proposed by SCCOOS program staff  to assure that the four focus areas are addressed by member diversity, choosing at least one BOG member for each focus area.
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Virtual Meetings/Webinars

SCCOOS's network involves people from all over the globe.  Periodically, we host meetings an share information virtually.  Below is a list of virtual meetings hosted by SCCOOS, click links to view meeting summaries.

West Coast Ocean Forecasting System Virtual Workshop - February 8, 2017






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